Bjorn Formosa Gaming and Gambling Experience

I have been working these 5 past years in the gaming sector and have explored various sectors of the industry from land based Casinos to online affiliation management and consultancy.

Land Based Casino and Casino di Venezia

At Casino di Venezia I used to take care of the land based marketing. This included scheduling weekly Casino events including poker tournaments, roulette and slot tournaments. Other events included the Casino's anniversary and international poker tournaments.

The event organisation consisted of getting out the required PR, providing print material, television advertising, magazine advertising both locally and internationally, taking care of logistics and other duties as needed.

I have started the organisation of 2 new tournaments at Casino di Venezia named The Malta Poker Showdown, a 150+15 local grinder event and the Fiches and Chips held on Saturdays. I also started the first Casino Points Challenge on the island which at the end of the season sent the lucky winners to a gambling trip at the Casino Ca' Noghera in the Venice Laguna.

Land Based Tournament Direction

International Poker Tournaments were quite regular at the Casino di Venezia and were normally held over 5 days and months of preparation. These international events consisted of a main event normally played over 4 days and various side events consisting of smaller poker tournaments played over the same duration of the main event.

The preparation for these events normally started months before beginning with the negotiating of terms and signing of contract with the organising party which held the rights of organising the tournament. The second step would be to start the real preparation of the tournament. Duties included tournament advertising and pr, logistics, player registration, selling of tickets, staff training, supervision of dealers and poker staff, arranging accommodation for visiting players, media and staff and all other necessary tasks required for the successful delivery of the event.

I have participated in the organisation of the European Masters of Poker (EMOP) organised at the time by Entraction/IGT, SVEPOF which is the Svenska Pokerförbundet, Poker Idol, Venezia Challenge and other smaller events.

Casino Land Based Marketing

At Casino di Venezia I used to coordinate all land base marketing. I organised the PR, advertising and scheduling of events. I also prepared and designed the corporate material of the land based casino which included brochures, magazine, online advertising and newspaper articles.

Other tasks including catering for junkets, updating the land casino website and delivering and following a detailed marketing plan.

Online Poker Lobby Management and Development

I have worked with several firms who owned and managed online poker software and networks. My tasks were identifying bugs and recurring software issues, scheduling online tournaments including relative stacks, guaranteed prizepools, number of players and blind levels. I also supervised the design and graphic user interface of the lobby while also closed deals with labels for the poker software integration inside the networks and also coordinated fraud and chip dumping issues on the network. I also produced the weekly and monthly promotions of the poker network.

Online Affiliate Management

With several online gaming companies I coordinated the affiliate side of the business through a coordinated and organised marketing effort. I used to prepare and follow a designed online marketing plan aimed to acquire new affiliates and their relative players. The main tools used to acquire new affiliates where search engine optimisation, blog and forum posting, online advertising and print advertising.

I also used to manage the administrative side of the affiliation job which included affiliate vip support, coordinating and producing marketing material to be used by the said affiliates, coordinating backend support for affiliates and providing them with the needed reports and relative monthly earnings payments.

Reselling White Label Solutions

Mainly through YooGaming, WM and Sportalnet LTD I used to resell white label solutions which were mainly formed of an in-house backend solution with its related promotions and user database management system and reporting. These backend solutions supported the integration of multiple gaming software including poker, casino, live casino, virtual games, bingo, sportsbook and live betting through related APIs.

iGaming Clients Incorporation and Licensing

Having acquired numerous contacts and worked in many successful collaborations, i gathered a substantial number of contacts that from time to time needed consultancy services on incorporation in the Maltese isles and other gaming legislations and licensing for the particular gaming product. Through established white collar contacts I used to provide the services of incorporation and licensing to those who requested them.

Design and Developing White Label Solutions

Through the years I have won several contracts for the design and development of skins/sites for third party providers. I design and develop front end systems through DNN, HTML5 and CSS3 for white label operators needing to put their products on the web.

Account Management - YooGaming Solutions

YooGaming was the marketing intermediary for reselling white label solutions. One of my jobs was that of managing key clients, I had sometimes acquired myself and give them the full support and cross selling products clients would be interested in.

Online Marketing

I perform all sorts of marketing tasks. Normally the job begins from creating a marketing/communications plan to analyse and structure a successful campaign. The deliverables inside the plan normally include SEO, SEM, content marketing, link building, social media advertising, google advertising and private advertising, presence on online blogs and forums, web-site development and design, production of infographics, video and other media and any other task that maybe requested or needed by the client.

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